Local, fresh, Middle Eastern cuisine for everyone 

Whether you choose to takeout or dine in, we have the perfect meal for you! All of our dishes are made from scratch in our kitchen, using high quality local and fresh ingredients. Our menu is diverse and caters to a lot of dietary restrictions, with many vegetarian options to choose from. Visit our Menu page to check out our delicious food options. 

What are we famous for?

We are the first and only Lebanese restaurant in Halifax specializing in Savory Middle Eastern flatbreads called Ma'noosh- also referred to as Manakish, Mu'ajjanet or fatayer; These flatbreads are extremely popular in the Middle East and are topped with an array of ingredients that are flavorsome, delicious & healthy.


Traditionally they are cooked in a Tanoor, or on a Saj (Hence the name Saj House) however, ours are prepared in a stone oven. The Tanoor is a clay oven with a hole in the center that is generated by a wood or charcoal fire burning within the Tanoor; whilst a Saj is a modern day version that is convex and runs on a small propane tank like a barbecue

Once you try a flatbread, you will surely be back to taste the wide variety on the menu, one by one. 

check out Flatbread Menu Page to see some of the delicious options!

The men & women of the village -working on the Tanoor

What a traditional Tanoor looks like; note the Manoosh cooking on the sides.

After all of these years... I just found this gem!


"Delicious food & amazing treatment!!"